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At Skin Spectrum, our dermatologists in Tucson, AZ, provide beautiful results with a personalized touch. But don't take our word for it: read what our patients have to say about their treatment with us.

"You made me feel so much better with your funny disposition and caring ways. Also got some makeup for my eyes. Thank you for caring and being a special person."

"I have been thinking how your positive words have influenced my life. I sincerely want to thank you for your kindness and encouragement through the years. This goes far beyond your genius in your field of expertise. You are a wonderful person and I highly respect all that you do. Again, forever grateful for your words of wisdom and the great work you do. PS. Your staff is also consistently helpful and very knowledgable."

"Skin Spectrum is on the cutting edge of technology. Every time I see a 'new' cosmetic procedure on T.V. I say to myself, "I already heard about this at Skin Spectrum."

"I could go on and on about the exceptional quality of service one receives in this office, but since my space is limited, I'll sum it up by saying: SKIN SPECTRUM IS THE BEST!"

"I have been coming to Skin Spectrum for 9 years."

-Jane V

"I admire Dr. Pai for the knowledgeable professional she has been throughout the years that I have been her patient.  She is conscientious, understanding, and always recommends procedures that give the very best result.  Ultimately, the outcome is always natural and enhancing, never artificial-looking.  The staff reflects the same quality and care."

-Rosemarie F.

"I am proud to say I have been a client at Skin Spectrum for many years. The skin care program that was recommended to me has been wonderful with fantastic results, along with the treatments that I have received. Even more special than that is Skin Spectrum's wonderful staff. Dr. Comstock and Pai, along with their many PA's and technicians, make you feel very comfortable with whatever procedure you are having done and I am fortunate to be one of their many loyal clients and recommend their services to anyone."

-Molly H

"I have been a client at Skin Spectrum for approximately four years.  The staff is always very welcoming and I never feel uncomfortable.  I started with a consultation for brown spots on my face as well as adult acne.  It turns out, the brown spots were caused by sun damage. I was placed on an Obagi and Retin A skin care regimen that did wonders for my complexion.  I learned the importance of sunblock and now use it religiously.   Now, I just get a monthly Diamond Peel/Microdermabrasion session and it keeps my skin soft and helps with breakouts.  Many of us invest a lot of money into clothing, shoes and bags, but never our faces.  I decided to change that and am very glad that I did.  My skin looks better and younger, which has improved my self-esteem.  That is something a new outfit just cannot do for you!" 

-Jackie F.

"When I was fifteen, I walked into Skin Spectrum and thought, 'All the chicks are hot in here! Too bad I have acne.' Cut to, now, being twenty-eight a lot has changed. Except for the staff, they're still hot. All funniness aside, my career in the film and television world requires, for me to put my best face forward. All the time. No matter what. Dr. Pai and the staff at Skin Spectrum have been miraculous in aiding that need. You truly don't understand how low the prices are until you step outside their doors. It's cheaper to fly into Tucson, and receive a treatment, than it would be in Los Angeles. Also, they are always on the cusp of the newest technological advances, and instruct other dermatologists how to perform these procedures.  There's no hype or pretense here - just sheer solutions for problematic skin. The integrity and character is unmatched. They will always let you know if you are going overboard with your cosmetic needs. And this is why, hands down, they are so successful. They put all their attention, money, and focus, back into the patient. It feels like a spa for a reason. All compliments aside, this place has become like family to me. The real gift is the self-esteem, sense of renewal, and confidence, you feel when you leave. Healthy skin is just icing on the cake. There is no other dermatology clinic... This is it."

-Christopher G.

"I have been a loyal client of Skin Spectrum for over 5 years.  I can't say enough good things about the entire staff; they are warm and personable and at the same time professional and trustworthy. No matter what my appointments are for, the service always exceeds my expectations.  Honestly, they get what customer service is and make their clients feel truly valuable to them.  Some of my other favorite things about Skin Spectrum besides the service would be they are always offering specials on products and services which makes it affordable, they are on the cutting edge of 'what's new and improved,' I get honest advice & suggestions specific to my needs,  and an awesome open house event every year.

-Chris B.

My friends always tell me how young I look but they don't know my secret is Skin Spectrum! I have been seeing Dr. Comstock for over 10 years and I look as though I haven't aged a day. The staff is always up on the latest products or procedures to keep me looking great.

-Selena P.

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