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Laser Hair Removal

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With laser hair removal you can enjoy your free time instead of spending it shaving, waxing, threading, or plucking unwanted hair from your face or body. The most popular treatment at Skin Spectrum is laser hair removal. Our Tucson practice in Southern Arizona was pleased to be the first to offer these simple, effective treatments in our area. It's just one of the many ways we can help your skin look amazing.

If you're ready to enhance the health and appearance of your skin, visit the cosmetic dermatology leaders at Skin Spectrum in Tucson. To find out if laser hair removal is right for you, request a cosmetic consultation online or call (520) 797-8885.

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How does hair grow?

Human hairs are comprised of 3 distinct parts: the bulb at the base of the hair follicle that produces hair, the hair follicle, and the hair shaft itself. Both the bulb and the follicle are embedded within the skin, leaving only the hair shaft visible on the skin surface. For long-term hair removal, the hair follicle must be destroyed along with its germinating centers that are in the bulb. Another challenge to the hair removal process is the fact that human hairs are in various phases of the growth cycle, and lasers only destroy those hairs that are in the active phase of the growth cycle. As a result of these staggered growth cycles, patients usually require multiple treatments over several weeks to months for long-term hair removal results.

How do lasers remove hair?

While dermatologists continue to research the exact science of laser hair removal, what is known is that the laser light energy causes thermal injury to the hair follicle. When the temperature reaches a high enough level in the hair follicle the targeted hair structures are disabled, thus inhibiting hair re-growth. In clinical trials to date using a number of different lasers and intense pulsed light hair removal systems, some test sites remained hair-free for up to 2 years. At Skin Spectrum we have had many patients experience no hair regrowth many years after their initial treatments.

What types of lasers does Skin Spectrum use for hair removal?

At Skin Spectrum we have many advanced lasers that effectively remove unwanted hair. We will help you determine which one is best suited to your overall aesthetic goals during your consultation as these treatments can offer multiple benefits.

The Light Sheer® DUET™ is safe for all skin colors and types. It uses vacuum technology for increased comfort and efficiency. The DUET also has a larger spot size to make hair removal on large areas like the legs and back quicker. The DUET is considered the newest, fastest laser available today. For example, the back and legs can be done in minutes instead of hours with minimal to no discomfort.

We use the Spectra YAG Laser for our clients who want to correct uneven pigmentation (such as melasma and brown spots) and redness (caused by conditions like acne and rosacea), in addition to excessive or unwanted hair. Although not a laser, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments offer similar advantages by correcting pigment, redness, and getting rid of hair.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method of photo epilation, which does not require needles or messy chemical creams. Since thousands of hairs can be zapped in a single treatment session, large areas like the back, shoulders, arms, and legs can be effectively and efficiently treated.

I read once that shaving your arms is good for your skin. Won't my hair get thicker growing out?
–MONICA, Oro Valley

We advise all our patients to shave the hair on their arms. Most patients wonder what medical school we have attended! Shaving exfoliates the skin and stimulates collagen. Just look at a man's beard on his face. A normal hair tapers on the end and is programmed to grow only so long. After shaving, it may feel thicker because it's been cut at a thicker portion of the shaft and feeling the tapered end is more familiar. If a patient doesn't like to shave their arms, just let the hair grow back. It will look the same as it did before. If you do prefer having hairless arms, you should highly consider laser hair removal, which can reduce hair growth drastically.

from Dr.Pai

What are the limitations of laser hair removal?

While laser hair removal is an excellent treatment option, research efforts continue to enhance the procedure. Although permanent hair removal is the goal of therapy, some patients may experience hair re-growth that is usually finer and lighter in color. In addition, long-lasting laser hair removal typically requires multiple treatments, which can make it a more costly hair removal alternative.

Possible side effects, though very rare, may include damage to the surrounding healthy tissue in the form of scars, burns, redness, and swelling.

Special considerations are important when lasers are used on darker skin tones to allow for safe and effective treatment. Hair laser devices target pigmented hair so at this time light or white hair is not effectively treated.

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What can I expect?

The length of a laser session may be a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being treated. The laser treatment itself can cause a slight tingling sensation. Most patients tolerate the procedure well. But because some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, topical anesthesia is always available for purchase at our front desk.

How do I get started with laser hair removal at Skin Spectrum?

A consultation appointment is necessary before proceeding with the hair laser. At the consultation, the procedure will be reviewed in more detail. All of your questions will be answered. A test site will be treated and an appointment for your first complete hair laser treatment can be scheduled 10 days later.

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