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In Tucson, Arizona, the dermatology specialists at Skin Spectrum have hand-selected an extensive yet specific collection of personal skin care products that are science-based and proven to get results. The products also complement the cosmetic dermatology services offered. During your personal and thorough facial assessment, our skin experts will help you create an ideal home skin care plan. You can select your products in person or call our office to place a mail order.

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If you're ready to enhance the health and appearance of your skin, visit the cosmetic dermatology leaders at Skin Spectrum. To get started with your comprehensive facial assessment, request a cosmetic consultation online or call us at (520) 797-8885.



The newest science and fastest growing international cosmetic product line is skinbetter SCIENCE skin care. These medical grade, well studied products contribute to a comprehensive approach to reversal and prevention of photodamage, aging and rejuvenation. Dr. Comstock is the Medical Director for skinbetter and is thrilled to be a part of these award-winning products. AlphaRet, the newest type of retinoid, and Alto, a combination of 19 antioxidants, have won the prestigious ALLURE beauty awards the last two years, respectively.



From the experience and knowledge of an accomplished dermatologist and innovator in skin care comes SkinMedica. This aesthetic-minded company offers a top-quality line of clinically proven, research-developed skin care products ranging from refined moisturizers, acne treatments and sun protection to science-based age defense solutions.

You can purchase SkinMedica products at our online store and get fast, free shipping. Every purchase earns Brilliant Distinctions® rewards redeemable for product discounts and other perks.

ZO® Skin Health Products

ZO® Skin Health

Developed by world-famous dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health products are formulated to meet dynamic skincare needs for people of all ages. With products to treat acne, redness, drying, and facial and body aging, your next favorite product is likely made by ZO Skin Health.

Science sunscreen


One of our favorite product lines is Colorescience. Our team members personally use Colorescience's innovative products, and we know you'll be hooked, too, as soon as you give them a try.

Colorescience brings cosmetics and medicine together for skin that is beautiful from the inside out. The company's flagship product, Sunforgettable®, is a mineral sunscreen brush that comes in various shades to match your skin tone. The powder sunscreen is packed right into the brush, making quick reapplication a breeze when you're out and about. Sunforgettable is the first powder sunscreen developed and we have carried it for years. This protective powder is an excellent block and looks great on skin. Learn more about why Dr. Comstock loves Sunforgettable in the video below.

We also offer primers, foundations, and other mineral-based cosmetics from Colorescience, all of which prioritize your skin health and beauty at the same time. The products combine sunscreens to protect your skin and vital nutrients to nourish it while improving its appearance on the surface. It's a truly innovative line that our patients love on many levels. We are happy to recommend the perfect Colorescience products for your unique needs.

How can I make sure my kids' sunblock lasts all day?
–ERIC, Tucson

Use sunblocks that have zinc oxide, titanium oxide, or mexoryl. If your child sweats a lot or needs a touch up before an afternoon sport, try dusting a powder zinc oxide like Colorescience® over the face. It is great for not spilling in backpacks, purses, or cars. If your child is in the water and wiping their face, reapply every one to two hours or wear a micronized zinc oxide such as Desitin®, or A+D® ointment.



What began in the early 90's as research on topical antioxidants has led to a leading cosmeceutical company with a simple yet insightful skin care philosophy: Prevent. Protect. Correct. SkinCeuticals products are based on medical-grade clinical testing and proven results.



Not everyone is fortunate to be born with long, full, dark eyelashes. Furthermore, with age, many people develop inadequate eyelashes. LATISSE is FDA-approved and clinically proven to help eyelashes grow longer, fuller and darker. Our team of dermatology physicians and specialists can help you find out if LATISSE is the right solution for you.

My eyebrows are disappearing with age. What do I do?
–MARISOL, Tucson

Many women lose their lateral eyebrow hair with normal aging. It could also be a sign of hormonal abnormality, such as low thyroid. One should discuss this with her primary care physician, especially if it is a sudden loss. Using an eyebrow pencil or having permanent makeup done are some cosmetic alternatives. Also, the new eyelash enhancing products work well to help with thinning eyebrows.


EltaMD® Sun Care Products

The sun is one of the main contributors to premature aging of the skin. If you are concerned with preserving your youthful visage, your skin care regimen must involve the best in sun protection. EltaMD's sun protection products are based on clinical research and proven science. The EltaMD line provides a solution for all skin types and individual needs.

Complete Skin Care Line

Skin Spectrum offers a wide variety of additional skin care and cosmetic products that allow you to help keep your skin looking and feeling smoother, healthier and more youthful from the comfort and convenience of home. If you would like the dermatology experts at Skin Spectrum to help you determine the right products for your skin's beauty and health, request your comprehensive facial assessment consultation online today or call us at (520) 797-8885.

My granddaughter has flat warts on her face. Will they scar her?
–MICHAEL, Tucson

Flat warts do not cause scarring. It is a contagious virus. Various treatments could cause scarring if done too vigorously. Flat warts occur most commonly on the face, hands, arms and legs. People can present with hundreds of them. They are usually picked up from casual contract. Treatment can include oral antivirals, cimetidine, vitamin A treatments, topical benzoyl peroxides, Aldara, alpha hydroxy acids, liquid nitrogen, lasers, and some injectables. They can be stubborn, so be patient with treatment.

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