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ThermiTight is an exciting, nonsurgical skin tightening system that helps Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona-area patients treat both unwanted fat and loose, sagging skin in the same procedure. An attractive procedure for both men and women who want to reduce some signs of aging without taking time out of their lives, ThermiTight treatments represent a new era in facial and body rejuvenation, helping you comfortably and effectively keep the years at bay.

If you're ready to enhance the health and appearance of your skin, visit the cosmetic dermatology leaders at Skin Spectrum here in Tucson, AZ. To find out more about ThermiTight, request a cosmetic consultation online or call (520) 797-8635.

What Is ThermiTight?

ThermiTight treatments can target loose skin and excess fat in a variety of areas. Your ThermiTight procedure is performed while you are under local anesthesia. During the procedure, your doctor inserts a very fine needle just below the surface of your skin and moves it back and forth. As it moves, the needle releases radiofrequency energy that gently melts away fat cells and stimulates your skin's natural regenerative processes. While this happens, you may experience a warming sensation, but the procedure is not painful. Most treatment sessions last about 1 hour.

How can ThermiTight improve the appearance of my neck?

ThermiTight's skin tightening properties are extremely effective at treating one of the trickiest areas: the neck. Learn why people are choosing this treatment instead of cosmetic surgery by watching this video.

What are the potential benefits of ThermiTight?

ThermiTight is an attractive option for men and women who wish to target both unwanted fat and skin laxity in a single procedure and would prefer to avoid surgery. ThermiTight gives patients noticeable results without any downtime.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients are satisfied with their results after a single treatment, but others may wish to have multiple sessions. During the consultation, your doctor discusses your goals with you to develop an effective treatment plan and determine what makes the most sense for you.

How much downtime should I expect?

Patients don't normally require any sort of downtime, and the overwhelming majority of people who undergo ThermiTight return to their normal activities as soon as their treatments are complete. Some people report lingering swelling or redness, but these effects are temporary and don't interfere with everyday activity.

You may notice some improvement immediately. Results will continue to develop over the course of about 3 months.

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