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Unwanted Hair

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Laser hair removal in Tucson, Arizona, is one of the most popular cosmetic laser treatments performed. This is true for men and women. People are simply tired of waxing, shaving, using depilatories, plucking, and threading their hair. Smooth, soft, non-hairy skin is what we all want.

Most individuals struggle with the genetics of excessive or undesirable hair in addition to the hormonal influences on hair growth. Women often experience additional hair growth during both pregnancy and menopause. Some diseases also have excessive hair growth as a symptom, so a thorough medical assessment is important prior to any hair laser treatment. Skin Spectrum was proudly the first practice in Tucson, Arizona, to introduce laser hair removal to our community.

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Your Treatment Options

The board-certified dermatologists and staff at Skin Spectrum will help you pick the hair removal treatment that is best suited to treat the specific color, density, and texture of your unwanted hair. Your options include:

The Duet™ Hair Laser Removal provides lasting laser hair removal in Tucson, AZ, for all skin types, areas, and colors, including dark skin. This laser introduces the latest technology of suction to minimize discomfort and offer incredible speed.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is an effective hair removal treatment for those with associated photodamage as it removes hair, brown spots, broken blood vessels, and helps shrink pores and tighten skin.

Skincare Products

Find your personal skin care products, selected by the dermatology specialists at Skin Spectrum for skin's vitality and beauty.

My neck is always red and bumpy after shaving. Any tips?
–JACK, Tucson

Hair on the neck and sometimes the cheeks can grow at different angles. This causes the hair to get trapped under the skin, creating an irritated site around the hair itself. The best treatment is a hair laser. It can completely eliminate the hair, usually in three to five treatments. On some patients, the laser can simply thin the hair enough that with one or two treatments, it no longer gets trapped with shaving. We find Baxter Shaving Cream is a useful product for sensitive skin.


At Skin Spectrum we are leaders and innovators in skin rejuvenation and are dedicated to enhancing the health and appearance of all your skin care needs. For your comprehensive facial assessment, request a cosmetic consultation online or call (520) 797-8885.

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