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Versatility combined with excellence is an elusive ideal. The excel V laser available in Tucson, Arizona, at Skin Spectrum achieves that ideal. This is the most powerful vascular laser on the market to treat conditions ranging from broken blood vessels and superficial spider veins to deep, thick lesions. excel V treatments also include Laser Genesis, a popular “lunchtime” treatment that discreetly enhances your skin’s vitality with no downtime.

Our grandson came to visit us recently. I was holding his hand and helping him step into the pool when he asked, “Gram, what are those blue worms on your legs?” My quick reply was “old age.” I’m too young to have “old legs.” Can you help?

– CAROLINE, Tucson

What your grandson calls blue worms (or crayon marks or spider veins) are varicose veins. First, have your legs assessed with an ultrasound exam to make sure the underlying veins are healthy. If the veins show reflux, a medical procedure called VNUS Closure® can be done in our office and is covered by most insurance. This new procedure can replace stripping the veins and a hospital visit. The remaining veins can be treated by injection of sclerosing solution.


What does excel V treat?

Some of the most common skin conditions treated by the excel V laser include:

  • – Pigmented lesions
  • – Port wine stains
  • – Cherry angiomas
  • – Leg veins
  • – Diffuse redness
  • – Telangiectasias (spider veins)

What can I expect after an excel V treatment?

The results and recovery period will depend on the laser mode used in your treatment.

What is Laser Genesis?

One of the excel V’s most popular modes is the Laser Genesis. Our Tucson patients who can’t afford to endure a lengthy recovery period undergo a series of Laser Genesis treatments to gradually reverse signs of premature aging. The Laser Genesis treatment combats sun damage, redness, and uneven texture in a subtle way, so your renewed radiance looks natural. Another laser rejuvenation option that involves little downtime is Clear + Brilliant®.

What can I expect after Laser Genesis treatment?

Because Laser Genesis is a gentle procedure and doesn’t require downtime, you might not notice much change after your first treatment. An attractive feature of the treatments is their incremental nature, so there’s no bruising or other obvious sign of your procedure. Seen from start to finish, however, the results can be dramatic.

How long will results last?

By gently stimulating collagen growth, the benefits of each Laser Genesis treatment continue for months after your final session.