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Beautiful skin once achieved must be maintained, and consistent microdermabrasion treatments are an integral part of a skincare maintenance plan. The frequent removal of dead skin cells promotes the turnover of healthy new cells, which allows skincare products to reach the deeper layers of the epidermis, effectuating more noticeable results. When microdermabrasion is preceded by a dermaplaning treatment, the results are enhanced, making them even more compelling.


A surgical scalpel is used to carefully scrape away dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz), leaving the skin smoother and promoting the absorption of skincare products for approximately the next three to four weeks or until dead cells once again accumulate on the skin.

Microdermabrasion accelerates skin rejuvenation by gently removing dry, damaged skin. Following this exfoliation, high-power suction draws impurities out of the pores and cleanses the skin’s surface. Since open pores receive skincare products more readily, topicals such as vitamin C and lactic acid are applied in the final step.

When dermaplaning is performed prior to microdermabrasion, the pores are cleared more easily, and skincare products used in the weeks following the treatment are able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.


Most patients benefit from regularly scheduled exfoliation and deep cleansing. This non-invasive procedure diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of pores, improves texture, and brightens skin tone. Patients also state that make-up goes on more smoothly and evenly post-treatment.


While small areas of skin are pulled taut, a surgical scalpel held at an angle scrapes away vellus hair and dead skin cells. The process is similar to shaving, but the use of a scalpel affords deeper exfoliation. To further exfoliate the outer layers of skin, a precise diamond tip is methodically moved along the treatment area. Suction then removes the dead skin and clears clogged pores. There is no discomfort, and patients typically enjoy the process. A full treatment can take 50-60 minutes.

Dermaplaning Plus does not require any downtime; you may schedule the procedure during your lunch hour and immediately return to your normal activities. Due to increased blood circulation, the skin might look a bit pink following the treatment but usually fades within a few hours.

Greater improvement becomes visible with each Dermaplaning Plus session, and a series of treatments may be necessary to see a marked improvement of acne scars or fine lines. While one treatment is beneficial, we recommend a treatment every four weeks for smoother, brighter, clearer, visibly nourished skin.