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Skin Spectrum

Hair removal is among the most popular cosmetic laser treatments performed. Keeping the face and body hair-free demands a great deal of time and constant maintenance, but laser hair removal at Skin Spectrum reduces the need for shaving, waxing, threading or tweezing. During your consultation, one of our highly trained certified medical laser technicians will determine which laser is optimal for your skin type and the desired area of treatment.

Tucson Model with removed unwanted hair

Your Treatment Options:

LIGHT SHEER® DUET™ LASER uses vacuum technology for increased comfort and efficiency, and its larger spot size allows for more rapid treatment sessions on areas such as the legs and back. It also has a second handpiece with ChillTip® cooling designed to treat smaller areas more comfortably.

FOTONA ND:YAG LASER with FRAC3® technology incorporates pulse-control technology and a three-dimensional treatment pattern to safely and effectively target hair follicles on all skin types.