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Patients who reside in a sunny climate like Tucson, Arizona must be diligent about sun protection; increased sun exposure can result in pigmentation and texture issues. Other factors such as heredity and lifestyle can also contribute to redness, poor tone, and wrinkles. IPL treatments are gentle, but the results are amazing, and since the results are so gradual, there is no obvious indication that anything was done. The skin simply becomes smoother and increasingly even with each treatment, revealing a more youthful luminosity.


IPL treatments use light to rejuvenate the skin without harming its surface. They provide a non-invasive therapy that leads to healthier looking skin by reducing unwanted pigmentation, excessive redness, small broken blood vessels, and large pore size. The additional color in the skin (melanin in brown areas or blood cells in red areas) absorbs the light energy, which damages the structures and causes eventual absorption by the body. IPL therapy can be used on any area to reverse the signs of sun damage.


The skin concerns that IPL treats include:

  • – Reducing unwanted pigmentation such as brown spots, freckles, poikiloderma of Civatte (red and brown blotches on the neck), and melasma
  • – Softening excessive redness on the skin, as seen with rosacea, small blood vessels, and acne scarring
  • – Improving skin texture, tone, and pore size

Our skilled providers can give you more noticeable rejuvenation, in addition to the benefits IPL offers, with Fotona MicroPeel laser resurfacing treatments, which penetrate deeper into the skin. Fotona MicroPeel does involve recovery time. These various options are presented during your personalized consultation at Skin Spectrum.

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Eye shields placed over the eyes prior to treatment protect them from the bright light. Cold gel is applied to the treatment area, and the smooth surface of the IPL lens is positioned on the gel-covered skin. The provider then administers the pulses of light, and you will see a bright flash, although the eyes are covered and protected. Patients report feeling a sting that is something like a mild to moderate rubber band snap, but the procedure is usually well tolerated. A Zimmer machine gently blows cool air on the skin during treatment to manage any discomfort. The length of the procedure depends on the area being treated. The time needed to treat the entire face is usually just 15 to 20 minutes.

Most patients require three to five treatments for optimal improvement, and treatments can be done as soon as four weeks apart. The number of treatments necessary depends on the reason for treatment – some conditions and skin types respond more quickly than others.

We recommend aggressive treatments for better, faster results, but more aggressive treatments might require additional downtime. Downtime varies with the sensitivity of the patient’s skin. A typical course of healing involves some pinkness and mild swelling for one to two days. Brown pigment rises to the surface of the skin, resulting in brown speckles that resemble coffee grounds (crusting). This light crusting is not raised, and it fades away in about seven days on the face and 14 days on the rest of the body. Make-up can be applied immediately following the procedure, and most patients continue to work during their healing period.