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Skin Spectrum

Sun exposure can result in pigmentation and texture issues, so when patients develop fine lines and brown spots from sun damage, they seek treatment at Skin Spectrum.  Our skincare experts use the Spectra™ Laser in two different ways to treat those concerns.


When used to perform the Spectra Laser Peel, the Spectra™ Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser emits high-intensity pulses of light.  A specific wavelength of light targets pigmentation and breaks it down into small particles that the body eventually absorbs and eliminates.  The laser simultaneously heats deep tissue, which causes the tissue to contract.  This contraction stimulates the production of collagen, and as collagen production increases, the skin becomes increasingly smooth and firm.  Spectra Laser Peel treatments are gentle, but they reduce the appearance of fine lines and impart a radiant youthful glow.

Lentigines are also treated with this laser.  These brown pigmented lesions are often hereditary, but they can occur secondary to sun exposure.  Our providers employ a different wavelength to destroy these age spots, resulting in smoother, clearer skin.

The use of Spectra, whether to administer the Spectra Laser Peel or to target lentigines, is safe on most skin types.  During your consultation, our dermatology specialists will create a personalized plan for you.


The skin concerns that Spectra treats include:

– Reducing unwanted pigmentation such as brown spots and melasma
– Softening fine lines and reducing the appearance of acne scarring
– Improving skin texture and tone


A Spectra Laser Peel begins with the application of a carbon-based lotion.  The provider then directs light pulses over the treatment area, gradually removing the lotion.  Since Spectra is a gentle procedure, multiple passes are necessary.  Patients report feeling mild prickly heat that is very tolerable, and the time needed to treat the entire face is usually just 30 minutes.

The absence of downtime makes it easy to fit a Spectra Laser Peel into your schedule.  We recommend a series of treatments spaced four weeks apart for optimal results, with one maintenance treatment every three to four months to keep your skin looking its best.

When undergoing treatment for lentigines, patients report a sensation of moderate prickly heat, but the procedure is brief, lasting only 15 to 30 minutes.  Following treatment, you should expect immediate redness and focal swelling of the area for two to three days.  This develops into a shallow wound, which heals over the course of seven to 10 days.  We suggest a series of three to five treatments spaced four weeks apart.