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Skin Spectrum

At Skin Spectrum, we perform a variety of state-of-the-art procedures in Tucson, Arizona. Some dermatology procedures might have redness, swelling or bruising as side effects. We recommend avoiding certain medications, vitamins and herbs that may cause you to bleed more than normal. A list of what to avoid will be given to you by our office.

It is also best to avoid alcohol and salty foods for three days before peels, injectables and ablative lasers to prevent the skin from retaining fluid and swelling. We have also found that taking certain supplements prior to our procedures may reduce possible bruising and swelling. These are discussed during your appointments at Skin Spectrum.

Skin Spectrum’s physicians, physician’s assistants and trained staff will prepare you for treatment and follow you throughout your post-procedure course. We have an on-call staff available at all times. Our goal is a long term relationship with ongoing communication for each of our patients in order to help them maintain healthy, beautiful skin.