For once I actually did not dread swimsuit season this year because I’ve been eating clean and exercising, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. However, I have to admit that my positive attitude was crushed a bit when I put on my swimsuit, looked in the mirror, and saw my dimply bottom. I know everyone says that cellulite is normal even if you’re good shape, but I really wish I looked smoother. Is there anything at all that can help?

Just in time for you this summer, we are excited to welcome QWO to Skin Spectrum! QWO is the first-ever FDA-approved injection to treat cellulite. QWO is injected into cellulite, where it breaks down the fibrous bands in the skin that cause fat to appear dimpled, resulting in visible smoothing of cellulite. Compared to previous cellulite treatments, QWO is minimally invasive and has no downtime.

If there is also skin laxity in the area of cellulite, skin-tightening may also be needed for best results.