Patients can’t get enough of CoolSculpting at our Tucson practice and across the country. The body contouring procedure has given men and women an innovative, noninvasive way to selectively destroy fat cells and slim down stubborn areas that resist diet and exercise.

Skin Spectrum is proud to offer multiple ways for patients to take advantage of cryolipolysis technology—the brains behind the CoolSculpting procedure. Thanks to additional specialized applicators, we can help patients get the most out of their experiences in the shortest amount of time.

Why Patients Love CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting requires little to no downtime and results in localized fat reduction to help create slimmer contours. Results start to develop as soon as 4 to 6 weeks after treatment and continue to improve over the next 2 to 3 months. Since the procedure requires no surgery or needles, a wide variety of patients can experience the many benefits of this treatment.

One of the main factors that make CoolSculpting a patient favorite is its versatility. The procedure is effective on areas of fat such as the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, bra bulge, back, flanks, upper arms and even under the chin.

Our CoolSculpting Options

In addition to the classic CoolSculpting treatment, our practice offers variations to help each patient get the most out of their experience.

  • • DualSculpting®: Patients looking to treat multiple areas can cut treatment time in half by taking advantage of 2 CoolSculpting applicators working simultaneously. Many people use this to treat their hips, thighs, or both sides of the abdomen at the same time.
  • • CoolMini™: The CoolMini applicator uses the same technology as classic CoolSculpting, but is specifically designed to comfortably fit under the chin to minimize the appearance of a double chin.

Your CoolSculpting Treatment

Curious about trying CoolSculpting? Skin Spectrum is a Preferred Crystal Rewards practice, which means we have extensive expertise in providing quality CoolSculpting treatments to our patients. No matter which areas you’re looking to treat, we will work with you to determine the best possible plan.

During your treatment, the device suctions the targeted area into the applicator and safely begins cooling it. You may feel a cold sensation or numbness, but most patients report little discomfort. You’ll be able to relax, read, work, nap, or choose from our Netflix selection during your treatment. You can expect to be in the office for 1 hour or more depending on your target area; and you’ll be able to return to your daily activities right away.

You’ll likely see the full extent of your results within 3 months, when you may either opt for additional treatments or simply celebrate your new shape. Take a look at our before-and-after photo gallery to get an idea of the results you can expect.

If you would like to start your CoolSculpting journey here in Tucson, please contact us online or call (520) 797-8635 to request a consultation.

By Nicole James, PA-C