My lips don’t look as pretty as they did when I was younger. I think they look crepey and flat. I’d like them to look better, but on the other hand I don’t want to do anything that would look too obvious. What would you recommend?


Just like the rest of our face, our lips “deflate” over time, so that they don’t look as smooth, firm, or full as they used to. It makes a big difference in our appearance, and we always want to address these aging changes of the lips when rejuvenating the face, even for patients who don’t necessarily want very full lips. We have many options to make the lips look pretty in a very natural way. Of course there is filler, and there are several excellent fillers created especially for use in the lip, such as RHA2 and Restylane Kysse. The Botox “Lip Flip” treatment is also a popular way to achieve a natural-looking fuller lip. Procedures such as the Fotona Liplase laser can also help to smooth the texture of both the lips and the surrounding skin. Products can also help, and our patients love PCA’s Overnight Lip Mask ($49) to make their lips look smoother and feel softer. Because the best choice of treatments is tailored to each individual, we’d be happy to evaluate your lips and create a rejuvenation plan just for you.