I’m going to a New Year’s Eve party and I want to look fantastic! But I can’t do anything that involves bruising, swelling, or obvious healing. Any suggestions?


Okay, you’ve got four weeks and we may have just what you’re looking for! Perhaps one of the most common wishes that our patients have, is for treatments that require no downtime. Our newest procedure checks that box, and many more. Glow-n- Go (also known as PRX-T33) is a treatment that delivers tighter, smoother, glowing skin with little or no visible healing. You can think of this patented procedure as something that gives you the revitalizing benefits of a chemical peel, but without the visible peeling. Another reason to appreciate Glow-n-Go is that it’s safe for all skin colors and types, and it doesn’t cause sun-sensitivity. Call us to schedule a consultation and see if Glow-n-Go is for you.