A friend of mine is getting a treatment called PRP to help with her thinning hair problem, and she’s noticing some improvement. My hair is beginning to thin too, so I’m very interested in it. Do you recommend PRP?


For anyone not familiar with PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, it is a treatment that uses your own blood cells to stimulate positive changes in your body. It is used to improve hair loss, wound healing, joint injuries, and more. Studies show that PRP injections into the scalp can increase the number and thickness of hairs. For PRP treatment, we simply draw your blood, selectively remove the platelets, and then inject them into the affected areas of your scalp. We’ve been treating hair loss with PRP for years, and we recently upgraded to the Emcyte system for even higher-quality PRP.

PRP is most often used for the common type of hair loss in women or men, and we recommend it as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Some patients may not be good candidates for PRP, and we’d be happy to discuss whether it would be a good choice for you.