How does Restylane Silk create sexy lips?

We speak, smile, sip, and kiss with our lips. We watch lips as someone speaks. Our lips have color, and our eyes are attracted to color. We dress our lips with more color; lipstick is an incredible industry.

As we age, our lips deflate, flatten, lose color, get wrinkles, lose their borders, turn down, and essentially start to disappear. There are numerous factors that contribute to the aging lip, including general health and lifestyle. Additionally, we must consider the supporting structures of the lip to understand completely why our lips change. First of all, there is bone. We lose the dimensions of our bones and teeth with reabsorption. Fat is our facial friend. Our fat pads also disappear and create laxity. Our muscles change, too; some getting bigger and some becoming atrophic. The strongest muscle of the face is the muscle around the lip: the obicularis oris. It is the only muscle on the face not attached to bone. Finally, the skin and mucosa become thinner, and pores, texture and tone change.

So when we correct our aging lips, we must correct all of the structural changes around the mouth to achieve optimal results. We can do this with fillers and neuromodulators. The newest filler in the family of Hyaluronic Acid fillers is Restylane Silk. This amazing product has been used for 16 years in Europe and Canada, and we are fortunate to have their experience and expertise.

Silk is meant to softly enhance the lips and perioral structures. For example, it would look unbalanced if a woman had deep wrinkles around her mouth, but full, protruding lips. One must correct the wrinkles and softly fill the lip to ultimately create balance and harmony. The unique characteristics of Silk are its molecular weight and hylacross technology. What this translates to in layman’s terms is the product is soft and feels like the lip, not like a firm, stuffed sausage.

The injection technique is very gentle and superficial. This creates a soft, three-dimensional look versus the “trout pout” we have all seen when too much of a firm filler is placed only on the borders of the lip. Patients love the look and the natural feel that Restylane Silk provides.  It allows us to correct the aging lip, but we can also create a fuller lip for those who genetically have a thinner lip.

Most of my patients are afraid of the overfilled Hollywood Housewives appearance. They are thrilled to simply have a symmetric, fuller lip for the focus of their face. It is the focus that simply looks better without distracting, and patients can expect their results to last for about one year.

Lip touch-up is my favorite “outfit.” Sexy lips go with everything and never go out of style.