Something about my face bothers me a lot. It’s the line that goes from the corners of my mouth down to the edge of my chin. I think it makes me look sad and droopy. What do you do to treat this?


The lines you’re noticing, aptly named “marionette lines,” appear as our faces age. They visually weigh down the face and make us look sad and deflated. They are caused by a muscle that tugs the skin downwards, in addition to skin relaxation and loss of volume. Nobody loves their marionette lines, so this is one of the most common areas that we treat in our patients.

Treatments that help this area include dermal fillers, muscle relaxing injections such as Botox, and procedures to lift or tighten the face, such as Scarlet SRF. For best results, it’s important to also evaluate and treat neighboring areas such as the chin and lips. Improving this area can give the impression of being lifted, refreshed, and happier.