I’m a pretty active person, so you can often find me wearing yoga pants or leggings. I’m self-conscious because I have cellulite that is visible even through the leggings. I only wear black ones because the cellulite doesn’t show as much, and sometimes if I want to look my best, I even wear shapewear under the leggings. I am very interested to hear about the new cellulite treatment called “Qwo.” What do you think of it?

Qwo (prounounced “quo”) is the first and only FDA-approved injectable medication to treat cellulite. In a simple procedure that is performed in the office, Qwo is injected into the dimples, and over the next few weeks it makes the cellulite visibly smoother. Dr. Comstock has been an advisor for QWO for the past two years, was selected as a trainer, and was involved with early studies utilizing QWO. Currently, QWO is only available for use on the buttocks. We, along with our patients, are very happy with the excellent results and improvement in the appearance of cellulite.