My lips are so thin but I am nervous about getting the injections as I see so many people who look over done. I have heard about a new technique called the “lip flip” and I was wondering what this is? Is this more of a natural look?

We do see lips that do not look in proportion to the rest of the face. Injecting lips is an art and there is balance and harmony in the lip proportion to the general face, lower face, and from upper lip to lower lip. When lips are balanced beautifully it looks natural and should not look like anything is done. As we age our lips deflate and putting a little filler in the lips helps with the fine lines that we see along the lips. In addition, genetically some people simply have smaller lips in proportion to their face. The “lip flip” is a special technique that tends to not give the “trout pout” but instead enhances the body of the lip. We find patients love this subtle appearance. We recommend speaking with a professional if you are considering doing lip filler. In selecting where to go for your treatment, a quick tip is to look at the lips of the staff for a natural look.