Every wedding that was postponed last year, is now on calendar for this year. I’ve basically neglected my face for the past year since I mostly worked from home or was behind a mask. I look tired and old. Since I am going to be seeing family and friends at these weddings, I want to look good. I need to know what I can do to look better soon.


You’re not alone! For many of us, our appearance just hasn’t been a priority in the last year. Some patients comment that they’ve forgotten how to do their hair and makeup! There are so many options to help you feel confident and refreshed as you get back out there and connect face-to-face. Procedures that can give you quick or immediate results include the Hydrafacial, Botox or Dysport, and dermal fillers. Brightening and tightening treat- ments such as IPL, Clear+Brilliant laser, and Scarlet SRF have no downtime, but for the best results you may want to start a few months be- fore your special event. We can help guide you in deciding what the best choices are for you.