My daughter is going back to college next month. She has acne and it gets worse when she is away at school because she is busy and doesn’t always use her medication, she feels stressed, and she doesn’t eat the healthiest food. There isn’t a dermatologist near her campus. Is there anything she can do to help control her acne while she’s away at school?


Your daughter’s problem is one that is shared by many other college students. We always start with a healthy anti-inflammatory diet, especially no dairy, and a simple topical skincare program. Many of our patients, whether away or at home, find it beneficial to use a device called the MMSphere2GO. This FDA-cleared device uses specific wavelengths of light to improve acne by reducing inflammation, via a process called “photobiomodulation.” It’s painless and easy to use; you simply set it down in front of you and turn it on. A treatment only takes 20 minutes, and because it’s hands-free, your daughter can use it while she works on her computer, studies, watches TV, or cooks.

A regimen with ZO gentle cleanser and ZO complexion renewal pads and of course sunscreen, EltaMD 46, complements the MMsphere. However, the MMSphere2GO isn’t just for college students with acne. It’s popular with our patients of all ages, because besides treating acne, the MMSphere2GO also improves skin, including texture, radiance, sun damage, redness, pores, and signs of aging.

In addition to improving skin problems, the MMSphere2GO can also be used to improve aspects of mental wellness, such as mood, anxiety, sleep, memory, focus, and alertness. This isn’t surprising, as photobiomodulation therapy using other devices has shown benefit in certain types of depression, traumatic brain injury, and dementia.