I’m a 38-year-old man who is self-conscious about the hair on my back. I try to avoid situations like swimming where I’d have to take off my shirt in front of people. I’ve tried waxing once to remove the hair, and really liked the results, but the hair grew back very quickly. I don’t want to get waxed all the time. I’ve heard that lasers can remove hair permanently, but I don’t know much about the process. Can you tell me about it?


Laser hair removal has been a popular procedure for more than 20 years. It works well, however, it’s rare to not have some unwanted hair grow back. Laser hair removal is safe for the back, underarms, legs, bikini, upper lip, and chin, and is safe for skin of color. With our state-of-the art light sheer Quattro, treatment is quick and comfortable with no anesthesia or downtime. After your series of treatments, you can expect a dramatic, long term reduction of the hair on your back.