Over the years, the focus in cosmetic dermatology has been primarily on upper face rejuvenation through volume restoration and wrinkle correction. In 2017, we anticipate a greater emphasis on lower face rejuvenation. Restoring the lower face becomes important as we age due to laxity from a variety of reasons. Progressive breakdown of our dermis (the deeper layer of skin) and subcutaneous fat, as well as collagen depletion, lead to prominent jowls and lax jawlines. Firming up the jawline and giving definition to the lower face provide balance to a beautiful upper face, which is key to maintaining a youthful heart-shaped face.

We are very excited to announce our newest laser, Fotona. Fotona laser works to tighten skin by using higher wavelengths to bypass the top layer of the skin, called the epidermis, and target the dermal layer. This laser-generated heat in the dermis triggers an inflammatory response which leads to collagen stimulation, resulting in overall skin tightening. In office, patients experience mild heat sensation while doing the Fotona laser procedure, but there is no downtime needed! Patients may resume all activities, and wear make-up same day after treatment. The treatment lasts 20 minutes, and we recommend a series of three treatments for optimal results.

Our PAs are spearheading jawline rejuvenation with this fabulous new laser. Other modalities such as Kybella and dermal fillers may still be utilized in addition to the laser for that perfectly defined jawline. Make an appointment to see one of our PAs to get that lower face and jawline tight and ready to take on 2017!

Cheers to a chiseled jawline!

Hannah and Nicole