I’ve never considered myself to be especially pretty, but I thought I looked okay. However I’ve noticed that in the last year or so, I’m more frequently asked, “Are you tired?” Well, I get enough sleep and feel energetic, so it bothers me. I guess it just means that I’m looking older, even though I don’t feel that way. What do you recommend for someone who feels great, but looks tired?

We hear you. While people may mean well, comments like that can really affect us. Sometimes it’s helpful to get an objective opinion. We find that most people are overly hard on themselves and don’t look as bad as they think. The truth is, though, that we do tend to look tired as we age. There are certain changes that happen on our face that contribute to this appearance. Often it has to do with the eyes, such as dark circles under the eyes, or hooding of the eyelids. It also may be an overall deflation of the face, resulting in sagging and shadows. It could be that the skin has lost its radiance. Everyone’s face is unique, and what we do is identify what changes are happening on your face, and suggest what you could for it. Our goal is simply for you to look fresh, rested, and good for your age. Please call us to schedule your personalized consultation. We’d love to help you look the way you feel.