I’m 43 years old and I have noticed my face looking a little more saggy or droopy in the last few years. One of my friends says that filler is what I need, but another friend told me that laser is better. They both look good, so I’m not sure who is correct. Does it depend on the individual?

It does depend on the individual, and both of your friends have great recommendations! Aging of the face is a complex process that is influenced by genetics, sun exposure, nutrition, and exercise, to mention a few. The result is a loss of volume and elasticity that makes our face sag.

There’s no single treatment that can address all of these factors well, so we use a combination approach for best results. First, using the right products at home helps to keep our skin firm and tight even as we get older. It’s an important step, but of course, it can’t do everything that we’d like it to. For best results, we often recommend some type of energy-based treatment to tighten the skin, such as the Scarlet SRF or ActiveFX laser. These can be used on every area of the face, in addition to the neck and decollete. Most of our patients benefit from dermal fillers to replace lost volume and restore a more youthful contour, in a very natural-looking way.