My eyebrows seem to be disappearing as I get older, so that I have to use eyebrow powder every day to make them look decent. Is there anything besides makeup that I can or should be doing to help my brows look better?

Thinning of the brows is an extremely common condition. In most cases it is an aging-related occurrence, although sometimes it can be caused by an underlying medical problem such as an underactive thyroid gland, that needs to be treated.

Well-shaped, healthy, groomed brows are essential to looking our best. Not only do they enhance our eyes, but they also bring out the best in our nose, cheekbones, and face shape.
If the color of the eyebrow hairs are fading, simply tinting them may be all that you need.

Since your eyebrows are becoming more sparse, we’d recommend using a product such as RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner & Serum, which helps more than 90% of users achieve fuller-appearing brows. We also recommend taking Nutrafol, a supplement which supports hair health and growth, not only on the brows but also the scalp. And of course brow shaping is key; sometimes the removal of literally a single hair can make a noticeable difference in the brows. In addition to waxing or plucking, we also shape the brows using neurotoxins (the Botox or Dysport “browlift”) and dermal fillers.