The one thing about my face that I really don’t like is the lines on my forehead. They bother me so much that I’m thinking about getting bangs to just cover my forehead altogether, but surely there must be another solution. Can you tell me what you do for forehead lines?

Forehead lines are the result of raising our eyebrows repeatedly, so they often appear in people who are very animated or expressive with their faces. They also appear as we age, because we raise our eyebrows more often to counteract their natural droop. Heredity and skin quality also play a role.

There are many treatment options, although not all of them work well for everyone. Muscle relaxers such as Botox are a mainstay of treatment, in addition to energy treatments such as the Scarlet SRF or ActiveFX laser, and SkinBetter Lines cream. Our newest tool to treat forehead lines is NovaThreads, which are FDA-cleared absorbable threads that may be used to soften individual lines or to lift the brows, in a procedure with minimal-to-no visible healing. We’d be happy to evaluate your skin and recommend the treatments that are most appropriate for you.