I’ve been wearing more of my clothes that have lower necklines. I can’t help but notice how bad the skin on my chest looks! It is totally different from the skin on my face, which is actually pretty good. Why is this? And what can I do about it?


The skin of the neck and chest are very thin and vulnerable to sun damage, so it’s very common to have red or brown discoloration, crepey texture, and sagging that are more pronounced compared to the face. Be sure to include your neck and chest when applying sunscreen, and also use a medical-grade skin product, such as SkinMedica® Neck Correct or
SkinBetter Techno™ Neck Perfecting Cream. For even better protection, physically cover the chest with lightweight clothing. In most cases, procedures are needed to achieve your best skin, which might typically consist of IPL to improve skin tone, and Scarlet SRF for texture and tightening. Depending on the individual, other options such as Botox®, CO2 laser resurfacing, or chemical peels may also be helpful.