Every winter my face becomes dry and tight, and I’m never sure if it’s better to just use a lot of moisturizers, or maybe stop using some of my stronger skin creams. What do you recommend?

Seasonal changes in the skin are very common. Like you, for many people, winter means skin that is drier. Our goal is to have your skin be healthy and tolerate seasonal changes comfortably. Rather than simply stopping your more powerful products, we recommend trading them out for gentler ones. This way you can continue to stimulate your skin cells through the winter but without the dryness.

On the other hand, someone who spends a lot of time outdoors might take advantage of the winter to use the stronger products that are more sun sensitizing for them in the summer. This includes products such as stronger brightening creams and Retin-A. We are always happy to review your skincare program and recommend adjustments so that you can enjoy your best possible skin throughout the seasons.