My friend has been getting laser treatments on her face, and it has really made her complexion look smoother and prettier. I would love to have treatments like that, but I have dark skin, and I’ve heard many times that lasers are risky for dark skin. What type of treatments are available that would be safe for my skin?

It’s true that we exercise caution when treating skin of color with lasers, in order to avoid causing discoloration. However, many of our favorite laser treatments are safe for all skin colors. This includes lasers such as the Clear+Brilliant, and the Laser Genesis. There are also many popular non-laser procedures that could safely be performed on your skin, such as the Scarlet SRF, 3-Step Peel, HydraFacial, and CoolSculpting. The procedures that are best for you depends on what you’d like to improve about your skin, whether it’s fine lines, pores, uneven skin tone, scars, or sagging. Your dermatologist can help you sort out the options for your skin concerns.