I’ve had microneedling done on my face a few times, and I like it because it improved my fine lines and made my skin look and feel smoother. A friend told me about “RF microneedling,” which sounds even better. Can you tell me more about it? Is it better than the microneedling that I’ve had?

As you know, the microneedling procedure has been in use for years and is very popular as an anti-aging treatment, and also for acne scars. It uses ultra-fine needles to make skin smoother by stimulating collagen production.

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling takes this treatment to the next level by simultaneously delivering heat energy deep in the skin as the microneedling is being done. The difference is better results—more smoothing, firming, tightening, and more improvement of acne scars.
We use the Scarlet SRF device because of its innovative, patented technology that is both effective and safe. It keeps all the features that made microneedling popular—minimally invasive, minimal discomfort, minimal healing, and suitable for all skin colors and types.