My daughter is in high school. She’s been getting a lot of pimples on her face, and she feels very self-conscious about it. She wishes she didn’t have to go to school because she’s embarrassed about her face. What is the best way I can help her?


As we all know, the teenage years are full of challenges. Acne is one of them but it’s one that you can help them with. More than 85% of teens experience acne. Many studies have confirmed that there is a correlation between acne and low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. We have many tools to help with acne including creams, dietary changes, pills, facials, lasers, and more. Many teens develop acne scars and we treat those as well. The treatment plan depends on the severity of the acne and how much it bothers your child. As with many medical conditions, we recommend starting treatment when acne is early and mild. However, acne or acne scarring is never too late or too severe to treat. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a boost in our patients’ self-confidence as their acne clears up.