My 40 year old sister and I both are afflicted with our family’s curse—the jeck. You know, jawline and neck all rolled into one. Neither of us can stand to look at pictures of ourselves because of it. I’ve heard that there are ways to improve it without doing any major surgery, is that true?

Yes, absolutely. A defined jawline is one of the major features that make a face look more attractive for both women and men. Faces with a strong jawline are thought to communicate confidence and strength. There are many reasons why the jawline may lack definition, including heredity as in your case, aging, and excess weight. For a younger person like you, in most cases we can create a beautiful jawline just by using dermal filler. Depending on the other factors at play, we may also recommend anti-inflammatory nutrition, a neuromodulator such as Botox, Kybella to reduce fat deposits, fillers elsewhere on the face, and skin-tightening treatments such as Scarlet SRF. A personalized consultation can allow us to make the best recommendation for your face.