I’m 34 years old, and I’ve noticed that the skin of my eyelids is starting to get a little loose. It’s not bad, but it’s definitely not as tight and smooth as it used to be. My father has had surgery to tighten up his eyelids, so this runs in my family. What can I do to improve my eye area at this stage?

The skin around the eyes deflates and relaxes over time, sometimes starting at a young age. This can make us look tired and older than we are. Depending on the specific changes you’re experiencing, we might recommend one or more of the following treatments. We frequently perform energy-based treatments to make the skin around the eyes tighter and smoother. There is an option for every skin type and lifestyle, from the no-downtime Scarlet SRF or Fotona SmoothEye, to the powerful ActiveFX laser. Many patients also benefit from lifting the brow, using Botox or minimally-invasive Nova Threads. We encourage patients to start their skin renewal process while changes are still mild, as you can achieve better results than you could if you wait until changes are more advanced.