I’m 44 years old and have dark olive-colored skin. In the last few years, I’ve noticed that my face has started to sag and some lines have appeared on my cheeks. I’ve tried a number of different creams that are supposed to help, but I haven’t seen any improvement. What would you recommend for me?


What you’ve described is what we all experience as the years go by.
It’s the result of many changes that occur in our face, such as shifting and loss of facial fat, loss of collagen and elastin, and repetitive muscle movements. Medical-grade skin creams, good nutrition, and sun protection all play important roles in slowing and preventing aging. However when it comes to sagging and wrinkles, we need more help! Energy devices such as lasers are needed to tighten and lift. Our newest technology, Sofwave, uses ultrasound energy to tighten, lift, and reduce fine lines. Sofwave can be used to lift the brows and eyelids, the face, under the chin, and the neck. It is completely noninvasive, has no visible healing, and is safe for any skin type and color. Sofwave is FDA-approved and typically requires just 1-2 treatments.