I have a long, narrow face and I’ve always disliked it. I thought that I just had to live with it, but I recently saw online that there are ways to change the shape of your face without major surgery. Do you think this would work for me?

Face shape is a major element of our appearance. It is largely determined by genetics, but it also changes with age, weight, and lifestyle. While there are attractive faces in every shape, certain shapes are considered to be ideal, such as the heart shape for women. Although we all have different face shapes, there are proportions that can be tweaked to make a face more visually appealing. For a long and narrow face like yours, we would want to add more width to balance the length, which can be done using dermal fillers, a procedure that requires no downtime. For someone with a square or round face, we would strategically slim or enhance specific areas to create more ideal proportions with neuromodulators, or Botox-like injections.