Okay so it’s summer and I knew that I’d be wearing a swimsuit in front of other people, so I’ve been preparing for it by eating clean, and I lost some extra pounds that I’d been carrying. But I feel like, although I look better, I don’t look as great as I envisioned. I guess I should have worked out more. I just seem a little droopy. If I suck it in here and tighten some muscles there, I look good, but I can’t do that constantly. I read about the CoolTone treatment to tighten muscles and it sounds good. What do you think of it?


Congratulations on achieving a healthier body through healthy eating! That isn’t an easy accomplishment at all, but a great investment in your health as well as your appearance. To take it to the next level and feel really great in your swimsuit, CoolTone could be an excellent option for you. As you know, CoolTone is a completely noninvasive procedure that tones and firms muscles in a way that is not possible even with intense exercise. It can be used to tone the abs, lift the buttocks, and firm the thighs, and most patients see their results in just a few weeks. CoolTone isn’t a good choice for persons with certain medical conditions, so we recommend a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for the procedure.