My wife comments that I look angry all the time and recommends that I get Botox; I’m actually a very happy person. Part of me is interested in trying it, but I’m afraid of looking unnatural and frozen, like some Hollywood celebrities. I also don’t want friends and coworkers to notice and give me a hard time about it.


You have very reasonable and valid concerns. Most of our patients, male or female, don’t want to draw attention to their cosmetic procedures. It’s not about looking perfect or plastic. It’s simply about looking healthy and refreshed, which makes us feel confident and attractive. Botox (and similar products such as Dysport or Jeuveau) is a fantastic procedure for almost anyone, which would make you look refreshed and rested and not unnatural.

For any facial procedure, we consider each individual’s unique appearance and desires, as well as established ideals of proportions and features. For instance, the typical male face has a lower brow, lower cheek, and wider jaw compared to the typical female face, and knowing that helps us achieve natural looking results. Chances are that you already know many people who get Botox, but you aren’t aware of it because they look very natural.