I’ve had a wonderful summer. I’ve traveled to visit family, spent some time at the beach, and played some golf. I wore sunscreen every day, but I wasn’t as diligent about using my other skin products. Now as I look in the mirror, my skin looks tired and my brown spots are more visible than before. What is the best way to get my skin back in shape?


The end of summer is the perfect time to reboot your skincare routine. In the hot and sunny summer, it’s often necessary to pause skin products and procedures that cause sun sensitivity. Sometimes we’re just busy with other things and skincare gets overlooked. Also, many of us get more sun exposure in the summer months, whether intentionally or not.

The result? By this time of the year, our skin has uneven tones, brown spots, and looks dull. Basically, it doesn’t look its best. This is a great time to add skin brighteners, bleaches, retinoids, and other exfoliators to your daily skincare regime. Many of our patients also find that this is the perfect time for IPL, other laser treatments, or a chemical peel to help clean up their summer skin damage.