I didn’t realize how bad the skin on my arms looks, until I sat side by side with my daughter recently. Compared to her arm, mine looks very leathery, dull, crinkly, and spotted. What should I use on my arms to make them look better?

What you see on your arms is the results of a lifetime of sun damage, which almost all of us have experienced. Take a look at the underside of your arm—the side that isn’t exposed to the sun—and you’ll understand what the sun does to our skin.
Along with cosmetic issues, many patients also develop pre-skin cancers on the arms, which need to be treated.
The first step is to put a stop to further sun damage by using sunscreen and protective clothing on your arms every day. There are creams that can help to repair some of the damage. For example, ZO Body Emulsion makes skin smoother and more even-colored, and a retinoid-containing cream can improve dullness and texture. For maximum improvement, many patients choose procedures; favorites include IPL and the 3-Step Peel.